We bring together disparate research areas to form a common dialogue on the technical issues and how these relate to social, economic, and policy aspects. An initial list of related themes includes:

  • Decentralised infrastructures
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Collective intelligence
  • Blockchains and the Web
  • Cyber Physical Social Systems

We will organise formal and informal research meetings and come together to write scholarly articles and acquire research funding.


John Domingue - Photo

John Domingue

Director of KMi
I am interested in how a combination of blockchain and Linked Data technologies can be used to process personal data in a decentralised trusted manner and how this can be applied in the educational domain.
Sabrina Kirrane - Photo

Sabrina Kirrane

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Technology and society are constantly evolving. Although we can't predict what the future holds we can certainly influence it!
Luis-Daniel Ibáñez - Photo

Luis-Daniel Ibáñez

Research Fellow
My research is centred around finding the right balance between centralisation and decentralisation in socio-technical systems.
Elena Simperl - Photo

Elena Simperl

Professor of Computer Science
My research is at the intersection between AI and crowd computing. It helps designers understand how to build socio-technical systems that combine machine algorithms with human and social capabilities.
Allan Third - Photo

Allan Third

Research Fellow
My background is in formal semantics and philosophy, and I am interested in the use of practical computing applications to feed back into theoretical advances, and vice versa.
Ruben Verborgh - Photo

Ruben Verborgh

Professor of Decentralized Web Technology
Let’s redefine the relation between people, apps, and data. By taking control of our data flow, we take control of our choices. Privacy is nothing but a byproduct of sustainable innovation.
Olaf Hartig - Photo

Olaf Hartig

Associate Professor
I am interested in problems related to the management of data and databases. My focus in this broad context is on data on the Web and on graph data, as well as on problems in which the data is distributed over multiple, autonomous data sources.

Related Projects

Del4all - Photo


The main goal of DEL4ALL is to transform the current European research and innovation initiatives in the area of digital enhanced learning into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, capable of effectively stimulating collaboration among all key players in an inclusive an impactful way.

EU observatory - Photo

EU observatory

The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum aims to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU, and so help cement Europe’s position as a global leader in this transformative new technology.

KnowGraphs - Photo


The overall objective of KnowGraphs is to scale KGs to be accessible to a wide audience of users across multiple domains including (1) companies (in domains including Industry 4.0, bio-medicine, finance, law) of all sizes and even (2) end users (e.g., through personal assistants and web search).

Open Blockchain - Photo

Open Blockchain

We believe the blockchain technology and smart contracts can also be used in education in many interesting and potentially revolutionary scenarios. Visit our website to see some of the ways we see the future of education developing using the blockchain and what we are doing to progress towards our vision.

QualiChain - Photo


Decentralised Qualifications' Verification and Management for Learner Empowerment, Education Reengineering and Public Sector Transformation